Day 1

We made it to Beauvais after exactly 80 miles on the saddle. Saw some fantastic french countryside along the way. Weather was very kind to us, despite the forecast. We kept to C & D class roads for most of the way and saw very little traffic. It was an early start after our ferry docked in Dieppe at about 4.30am, so only about 3 hours kip. Needed lights to get off the ferry and for about an hour. Some plonker left all our very carefully prepared and annotated maps on the boat, so thank goodness for Google maps coming to our rescue. Small prize for first text back to me with the right answer, as to who it was! We all really enjoyed the ride, but the last 15 miles was tough and were pleased to get there. Bikes are very heavy with all the kit and we had limb a number of hills. Hotel is budget but fine for us, and I am looking forward to sharing my first night’s sleep in a 4ft bed with Richard. We are right in the town / city (?) centre with loads of bars and restaurants and have found a bar that will cater for our football needs at midnight. Just had an hour’s kip after a couple of pints and are nearly ready to hit the town. Tomorrow is much more civilised – only about 30 miles to Chantilly so a later start after a good breakfast and church. Thanks for following us Mike xx




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3 Responses to Day 1

  1. Anna Heitman says:

    Bendy will have left the map!
    What is prize?


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